I could be your texas connection

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I could be your texas connection

Postby cruiserlover » Thu May 19, 2016 6:01 am

I am going to have to travel over a thousand miles to get a titled bike and use mine for parts.My bike is in good shape in regard to completeness, and was way cheaper than buying separate parts.I know no one in the shipping business and would have a found bike shipped to me.Which gave me the idea.I live in dfw metroplex.Home for 7 million people.If you have a bike you found in this area and need it shipped contact me and i can be your texas connection to get it shipped.Doesnt have to be a honda 4.If you are overseas I imagine it consts a fortune, but here many dealers say they ship for $500 anywhere in USA. I can take a video of the bike, if it runs a video with it running, text it to you.I can be your connection to see that it gets done.If I have to drive over 100 miles you buy me a tank of gas.Its only $2.00 a gallon here.My fee? $50 if its easy,$100 if its difficult.
Difficult includes:
1.get it out of my yard,today.Meaning it would have to be loaded in my truck and taken to my house.
2.The shippers cause some problem

keep me in mind.ronbayless57@gmail.com.Denton texas
Owner of 79 cb650.Non running.Current bike 2004 heritage softail. Denton Texas

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