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What bolts for fork tubes?

Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 9:15 pm
by 626
Hey guys,

I've been struggling to change the fork seals on my 81 650c. The bolts that hold the lower to the fork tubes where seemingly far too tight. I managed to get one out the other already butchered pretty good stripped. Drilled it and put an extractor in, it snapped off. So I drilled the whole bolt head off. After I got the fork apart, I grab the short bit that the bolt was still in to heat it and fight the bolt out. Before I got the torch on it, it came out with my fingers.

It amazes me that the little bit of surface contact the bolt has with the lower tube could stick together that strong. Enough to strip the bolt and snap an extractor.

Anyway now I need to replace the bolts, look to be M8 1.25 25-30mm. I have some stainless bolts that fit. Should I get grade 8 steel ones or are the stainless ok?