Bike starts and immediately revs to 5000rpm

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Bike starts and immediately revs to 5000rpm

Postby asaxyman » Tue Aug 04, 2015 5:15 pm

After I had my carbs cleaned and rebuilt, and after I reassembled the entire air/fuel intake assembly onto my bike, it starts, with no choke needed, and revs up to 5000rpm all by itself. I have checked the idle screw, it is turned out and not in contact with the throttle, and the float bowl levels were set by the mechanic upon reassembly. I don't think that I have intake leaks, as the rubber seals between the intake and carbs do not have any splits and seem to be on there pretty tight. I expected to deal with some idle variance when putting the carbs back on, but not this much! Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas for what may be going on?


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