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Starting issue

Postby basraz » Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:14 pm

Hey everybody, this is my first post. I own a 1981 CB650.
I have owned the bike for about 2 months and there has been a recent issue which I have been encountering.

When I start my bike the rpms stay super low and drop until the engine shuts off. I'm engaging the choke and I know the idle speed is not too low since it idles at about 1500 right now. This does not happen every time I start the bike. It will happen when the engine is cold and sometimes even when its been sitting a few hours after riding so not completely cold. For instance, yesterday I started the bike without and issue. I rode to my friend's place and after about 4 hours I tried to start and I cam across this issue. The gas flow is switched to on of course. So the I usually get it to start by popping the clutch in 2nd gear when I encounter this issue and the bike runs fine.

Any suggestions???

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