HELP! Dual Front disc brake rebuild..

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HELP! Dual Front disc brake rebuild..

Postby andycog » Sat Apr 09, 2016 5:57 pm

Hey guys,

Can anybody offer some advice on a 1981 Z (B) Model 650.
I'm working on a dual disc system up front and both the calipers have been completely dismantled for paint and restoration.
I've replaced all the necessary parts and ensured the proper fit etc but I am unsure of the following things -

Brake Shim -
A thin piece of metal that sits between the piston and the brake pad.
I only have one and am unsure as to whether I need one for each side?
I assume I would, but both my manuals (Clymer and Haynes) only offer instruction for a single caliper without mention of the shim on the opposite side.

Casted Metal Housings -
The actual metal casings that house the piston and the pads have markings on them.
They read the following, L2, R2, A, B, D, F, but have become mixed up after paint and lack of organisation.
Does anybody understand / Can find the order of these parts? L and R would identify which hand but do B & F or B & D go together?
The housings are similar on each side, but i'd assume this order is important.


Caliper Bolts -
There is an A bolt and a B bolt, of which I have no idea how to identify. (Manuals and schematics are a little unhelpful..)
Would anybody know the correct placement of these bolts? I know which bolt allows for the rubber sleeve (Honda Part pack) but It's just the correct placement I'm after.

Thanks for all your help in advance guys, really appreciate any info.
Sun is beginning to shine here in Denmark and am looking forward to getting this project on the road :)

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