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Custom Airbox

Postby jcasey007 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:42 am

I get quite a few messages asking for the information on how I made my custom airbox, that replaces the standard and unlike pod filters does not need a lot of messing about with jets.

So I've pulled all the pictures and drawings together and dumped them into a drop box that anyone can access from the link at the bottom.

In summary, this is what you need to get and do.

1. Find a set of Velocity Stacks, I found that the ones from a Rover V8 are ideal, they are steel (so you can cut and weld them and they are the correct diameter to suit the carbs - ebay usually have them (£20 for 8 of them) (currently ebay item 282533937999)
2. Also from ebay you will need a length of Silicon Hose (to go between the end of the velocity stack and the carb, also you will need some filter foam
3. The metal work is laser cut (I used a local company which cost £30) just give them the AutoCad drawings and they will be able to upload them and program the cutter directly.

NOTE the dimensions of this airbox are for the PD carbs if you want to change the spacing of the inlets to suite CV carbs you will need to change the Visio drawings and re-generate the AutoCad files

Any questions just shout

here's the link to the Dropbox ... Tffaa?dl=0

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Re: Custom Airbox

Postby jpenrose98 » Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:57 am

Dang, you beat me to it... I had this idea the other day and happened upon a photo of your setup by accident. Badass work. With the velocity stacks you found, how do the diameters compare to the PD carb inlets? Same outer? Same inner? And are you running a oil or paper filter inside the unit? I was tooling around on K&N's website and you can search for oval filters by size, I was planning on using one inside the box. Same idea, velocity stacks pressed into a plate, and an oval mesh filter squeezed between that plate and the "top" plate. Just like I've seen on muscle car carb filters, or more specifically, the Empi filter on my Bug's carb.

Also, this might be the system used on BSA 750 triples? Not positive. ... teria.aspx

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