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82 SC CV carb jetting

Posted: Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:33 pm
by Hamman
Do you all think a 45 pilot is too rich for pods and 4-2 exhaust? I am right at about sea level. My other option is the stock 35 pilot that came when I picked up the bike. Figuring out mains too. I have left over Dynojet 116's, stock 118's and I think some 115's.

On JetsRus they have a conversion chart. Dynojet 116's seem to be about a 122 Keihin which may be way to rich. I may try the 118's and shim the needle if need be. I have some Dynojet 122's also but I feel like that would be wayyyy to rich.

Carbs say "VB" on them too for reference. Thanks guys for any helpful info. I know PODS are a B>I>T>C>H to deal with but its all I got.

The bike is a 1982 CB650sc model. I think the sc's came with 118's and 35's stock.
Most likely will be good with 120's and may a 38 pilot ... _sizes.htm

Re: 82 SC CV carb jetting

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 2:11 pm
by Hamman
UPDATE: I went with the stock 35 pilots, 116 dynojets and 3 washers (1.5mm) total under the needle. Idle/mid is now killer. Higher rpm's are lagging. The only kicker is my fuel/air screws are pretty much maxed out which means either up the main (I have a 122 dynojet) or adding washers to give more gas. I just need to bring those fuel screws in. Thoughts?

I think I'm gonna toss in the 122 dyno's and see what happens. Pulling the washers is quick and easy too as I feel the 122's and 3 washers will be WAY to much fuel.

Took it for a quick test ride. Idle and 1/4 throttle is awesome. Top end/range SUCKS Feels like a 250. I think the 116's and 35's are a good pair along with the sync but I don't think top end is getting enough gas. May stick the washers back under the needles and see if it improves. If not I'm gonna order up the Dynojet kit with adjustable needles as I have had really good success with their kits in previous 4 cylinder bikes!