please don't tell me this is the sound of knocking valves

If it's broken or just needs tweaked

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please don't tell me this is the sound of knocking valves

Postby juntjoo » Tue Jan 30, 2018 2:02 am

or is it even possible to bend them by adjusting them improperly? I did adjust all of the tappets at TDC tho if you've read my other threads you know I had some trouble. Well, if it is possible then I'm already mentally ready to go cylinder head shopping. Quick question:

how do you know which TDC you're at? I assumed it was where with either the 1 or 4 the tappet almost contacts the cam, because I recall not being able to get between the cam and rocker arm at first, so turn CS once and I was good, and with only two revolutions before square one, only two options, fit or no fit, so that was my reasoning. Anyway, here are some pics if they provide any useful info. Seems like #1 screw doesn't come through as much as the rest.

#1 and #2 intake adjusting screws

#3 and #4 intake adjusting screws
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