Getting ready for first start

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Getting ready for first start

Postby Hutch1 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:41 pm

All I have left is to bleed the front brakes, then first start. I swapped tanks from stock, the fuel line has a very slight up hill. I hoping this isn't any issue :? since its only about a 4" run from the petcock to the carbs (see pic below).

Here's my first start procedure pieced together from posts on this and other forums:

1 Test battery voltage (should see at least 12.4V on a 12V battery).
2 Disconnect plugs
3 Give each cylinder a squirt of oil or penetrant
4 With engine off, turn engine over 30-40 times (3 second increments) to get oil flowing
5 Pull tappet covers 1 and 4 to verify oil flow
6 Start while holding plugs against the engine case to verify spark
7 Temporarily replace plugs
8 Open petcock
9 With engine off, turn engine over 5-10 times (5 second increments)
10 Check flow of fuel to the carbs by opening float bowl drain screws
11 Remove all spark plugs and verify each one is wet with fuel
12 Add fuel through spark plug holes 1 and 4 optional
13 Replace plugs when finished
14 Turn ignition to run
15 Choke full, closed
16 Twist throttle 5 times
17 Hold starter for a few seconds
18 Repeat as needed
19 Idle until the choke is no longer needed (about 30 seconds)
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