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electrical help

Postby mgendron » Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:29 am

HI, I have a CB 650 1980 and I am re-building it. I did not have the front light at first so I both a new one but now I am a bit confuse on how to connect those wire and when I check the wiregram I am getting more confuse. Is there someone that can help me on where, how and step by step on connecting those. Those wire are comming direct from the main wire to the front - obviously I know that the white connector goes into the front light. So where do I connect:

-Black (there seems to have juice on this one):
-Green - double plug:
-Green - double plug:
-Green - simple plus:
-orange - double plug (one of them is orange but the other):
-Light blue - double plug (one of them is light blue but the other):
-Orange white:
-Light blue white:
-Green single:
-White/green single:

Thank for your help
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