NEED TO BUY: 1979 stator/rotor cover with brushes

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NEED TO BUY: 1979 stator/rotor cover with brushes

Postby qonfusion » Thu Apr 06, 2017 5:07 pm

Hi all,

I'm in desperate need of a stator/rotor cover from a 1979 CB650. What I truly need is the little plastic housing thing that contains the two black blocks that make contact with the rotor. Mine broke. And they are impossible to find. And I want to cry.

Got these parts? I will pay a decent amount and be forever in your debt.

Please email me, Tim, at

Alternatively, I have a non-charging 1979 CB650 brat in Alberta, Canada, that I'd like to sell. Brand new rotor, rectifier. Runs okay. I just need a much more standard motorcycle to take my partner and I on longer road trips.


Be in touch!
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