Parting Out: Honda CB650

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Re: Parting Out: Honda CB650

Postby witttom » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:28 am

cpower wrote:Hey Tom,

Looking for a new tank and side panels for a 79 CB650 brown/maroon and gold. Have any in good shape I can buy?


Unfortunately no tanks or side covers at the moment. Sorry. As much as I hate to say, you're likely to have a particularly difficult time finding those items for a 79 (that's kinda the oddball of the bunch, and not nearly as many of them).
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Re: Parting Out: Honda CB650

Postby cpower » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:36 am

I stay optimistic and say "it's part of the fun/challenge" ;-)

Thanks keep me in mind if you do come across them please.

In the mean time I guess I need to learn about how to take or cover up minor dents and scratches on tanks and how to repaint or redecal side panels.

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