New cb650 in a 500 frame. Few questions

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New cb650 in a 500 frame. Few questions

Postby maggotpants » Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:48 pm

Hi guys, i just got a new to me cb650 in a cb500 frame for the princely sum of 750 dollars! I am not currently located with the bike as I am away with work for a bit longer. Currently I know the rough year of the motor 79-82 due tothe engine number (RC031 or 'I'-1000683) if anyone has any more info on the year that would be greatly appreciated. It is also running the comstar wheels with a dual front disc, which I understand is only available on the sc?

The bike is going to be my project to turn into a simple tracker/brat.

I have a new wiring loom ready to go in once I have checked my reg/rec and charging system. I want to put in an antigravity battery as I want something small and reliable because hopefully this will be my daily so reliable is a must.

New handle bars, indicators, front brake rebuild on inspection, bar ends,grips and tyres. Hopefully this should take the bike to a registerable level on the addition of a 4-1 exhaust.

So here are the questions. Beyond carb cleaning, checking valves and generall cleaning up the bike are there are other things I should look at that I am forgetting, any pitfalls I might not be aware of? and is a 4-1 system from Cone engineering a good option or are there comparable systems for less moneys?

I will post pics as soon as I can in a thread on the build board. Thanks guys.

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